Thank you so much for visiting our web site. The story of how we began is very simple … Sisters “J” and “L” had a passion for all things personalized growing up. One day, a business opportunity came to their attention and they decided to check it out !

Many people often ask where the name “A-Z creations” came from. The answer is actually quite simple – when you think of personalized items, what comes to mind ? Initials, monograms and names. Basically L-E-T-T-E-R-S ! And when you think of letters, what comes to mind ?  The ALPHABET … and that is what we do, we personalize items using all the letters of the alphabet: from A-Z.

And just to make things a bit more fun, it just so happens that “J” has two children – one whose name begins with an “A” and the other whose name begins with a “Z”.  And “L” has four children whose names fall in between.  This adventure has really become a family affair.

The rest is history …